Festivities and events in Naoussa

Naoussa and more generally Imathia as well as her adjacent prefectures have rich folklore and cultural traditions and gives the possibility in visitors of developing the free time with better possible way.

The existence of tourist resources in the prefecture of imathia allow us the undertaking of action for the growth of the different forms of tourism related to:

  • Mountain and nature
  • Environment
  • Sports
  • Culture/ folklore
  • Agriculture

Janissaries and mpoules

Janissaries and mpoules carnivals becomes the feast of carnival with resurgence of the old customs with the crowds of janissaries and dancing groups in all city.

Wine and Culture

The events wine and culture are held each year form the municipality of naoussa and have as main subject the wine of origin naoussa and his total projection as means of growth.


Greek Breakfast

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